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Based on the Microsoft platform SharePoint we have developed a cloud based solution for a numerous industries. iQubeS delivers solutions for document management, project management, QHMS, CRM/ Contract and HR
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iQS Business is user friendly for all type of businesses; from small single employd companies to larger companies and enterprises. We deliver iQS for most industries and we provide industry spesific solutions for Oil & Gas, Shipping and Building & Construction

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iDocS is a SharePoint cloud based document management system that is used for producing & tracking documents and information. Available in two versions DMS and QDMS

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What defines iQubeS

How do we transform our experience into solutions that can digitalize your company?

In iQubeS, we are committed to delivering a unique, attractive and efficient business system for small and large businesses. The most critical challenge in IT management today is to be a part of the company's operation and value creation. With the iQS system, we help companies digitize experience and expertise and put this into systems and processes. Our skilled advisors and consultants help companies in assisting in this work. Our customers' needs to change faster and we want to be closer to customers than before. A natural activity associated with this is that when customers focus on operations, managers and decision-makers at all levels can manage better and more predictably based on insights into ongoing projects. iQubeS is a Norwegian company that has the ambition to share Norwegian expertise and technology at global level. We have something to share with the rest of the world.

  • iQubeS will assist with conducting an analysis of the company’s activities where they will be systemized, analysed and mapped according to the company’s goals.

  • Our project leaders will assist the customer and takes responsibility of the implementation of iQS, business related topics and business specific requirements.

  • Our advisors ensure the facilitation and sharing of knowledge with our customers regarding specific opportunities for improvement in the organization. The scope of the task may vary from completing single or several workshops, to identifying the course of improvement.

  • Our technical system consultants will assist with the more advanced uses of iQS’ functionality, working closely with the customer’s super users.


We at iQubeS are committed to delivering a unique, attractive and efficient business system for small and large businesses, and that iQS will provide significant increase in efficiency and standardization for users of our system.

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