Whom we are

iQubeS is a Norwegian company that specializes in digital business systems, business analytics, and consulting services. We were established in 2008 and are owned by founders and external investors.

Future-oriented requirements in the oil and gas service business led the founders to offer expertise and working methods for other businesses and industries as well. Our business system and services are based on general business understanding and long development in the oil industry at national and international level. The system has now been made industry independent and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Today’s trend is to use standard IT systems to support operational processes. Over time, this has proven to be a unique way of sharing the oil industry’s working methods with other onshore companies

Our visions and values

Essential to the development of a business is to be able to learn from own experiences as well as the ability to interact with customers and suppliers. For iQubeS, this has been absolutely crucial to what the company and business system iQS stands for today.

Based on many years of experience we have defined our plans and ambitions for the future, but those are only achievable if we maintain quality at every level and maintain the trust we have from established customers.

As a basis for our values, we work based on the following vision:

“Our passion and commitment is to inspire people to work more effectively by delivering a smarter business system”

Why choose us?

As specialists in Microsoft solutions for many years, we can demonstrate high operational understanding, product expertise, certifications and customer satisfaction in implementing our solutions.

We have clients and broad experience from a number of different sectors, including Oil & Gas, Shipping, Service & Services, Production, Construction, IT and Trade. The combination of our expertise and insight into the customer’s challenges and goals is the key to successful projects.

Our backbone

At iQubeS we use iQS Business One as the basis for our entire business operations. In collaboration with our ERP finance system, we solve all tasks and ensure good follow-up and deliveries to our customers.

Stay ahead and digititalise your business today - it will pay off!