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Would you like to have input on how digitalization can be improved in your business?

Our consultants assist with how our clients’ needs can best be addressed in an iQS system. The scope of the tasks can vary from workshops (one or more) to identification and improvement during the implementation process.

A consultant at iQubeS can be involved at several levels in an organization; such as company and operations management, administration and support functions, or right down to work processes (such as LEAN). Our advisory engagement can be short-term or long-term.

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How iQubeS works with our customers

We have system consultants that have good experience and expertise in using iQS in business applications. This is a significant advantage related to preparation of the system. As a customer regardless of your own expertise you decide how much support is needed. In such a context, iQubeS can assist with a Business Consultant.

The customer provides internal resources. Should more capacity be needed, external consultants, e.g. a Business Consultant with a quality expertise can be utilized. However, in the role of System Consultant, iQubeS can, and will, assist in establishing the system correctly. Utilizing the system to the maximum in interaction with the customer.

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