iQS Business One

Our standard all-in-one system ensures efficiency and quality control throughout the company

Today’s fast-paced business environment can provide us with many challenges if that be meeting project deadlines or completing our everyday tasks. Many companies lack structure which can lead to inefficient control, structure or underperformed work. At the same time, we often see segmented data collection spread across a variety of platforms, which inevitably leads to lost time and lack of accuracy.

iQS Business One gives you the opportunity to reduce systems down to a minimum, allowing your business to spend less time on unnecessary things and more time on operational work.

What benefits are achieved with iQS business One?

With iQS, most of the daily work tasks can be performed across the entire value chain. This can also lead to reduced number of third-party solutions as the tasks can be solved with iQS. Our system prevents unwanted dissemination of information in multiple locations and ensures consistent execution of work processes.

  • Provides the ability to digitize your business
  • Make your business more seamless and efficient – freeing up precious time
  • Knowledge, data, projects and processes are gathered in one place
  • Satisfies stringent requirements in relation to. documentation and quality control
  • Fewer systems allow more time for operational work
  • The company gets a user-friendly system

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iQS Business One is industry independent and can be customized for most businesses, if you want a more efficient and user-friendly everyday life!

We justify this with the fact that the system has a core with four main areas that most companies need. in iQS unique relationships have been established that form an intuitive and holistic system, often as a replacement for, or integrated with, other important key systems one wants to retain.

iQS is implemented in its entirety with its modules (see below), which collectively cover essential processes and work areas of a business. By default, the system comes with useful features / capabilities, and is then configured according to customer needs. In this way, the customer can choose to prioritize establishing important or missing processes and phase in several parts of the system in a long-term perspective.

You can read more about what is in the four different segments by clicking here:


All our guards report directly from the workplace via the iQS Checklist to the PSS-iQS system.

This allows our operating units to organize data quickly and efficiently with our customized Dashboards.

– Christofer Næsheim, Operations Manager PSS Securitas Norway

“As a medium sized oil- and gas service-company with high demand of precision in our day to day tasks, we were looking for a solution which supported our needs. With the iQS-system we have been capable of expanding, and we really appreciate the support and detailed knowledge which iQubeS holds in the oil-and gas industry.” 

– Tore Sørheim, Region Manager, Europe – NOV, National Oilwell Varco

iQS is our tool for documenting everything we do, all in accordance with clients, regulatory and internal requirements.

Eirik RenliCEO, Fishbones AS

Enhances interaction between departments within the company

The company can achieve innovation and development with effective collaboration between employees, regardless of location.

  • Central location
  • Access control for person / groups / team
  • Interaction in documents
  • Case management inclusive of task assignment
  • Outlook Integrator, – link between e-mail and iQS

Increases business efficiency

Take a step back and consider how much money is spent on licensing, support, training and maintenance of various tools such as CRM systems, document management systems, reporting tools and other systems. Efficiency increases through:

  • Limit the number of tools and systems to interact with
  • Communicate organizational information
  • Relevant information available when needed

Reduce cost and time, while at the same time possessing the necessary digital tools and systems that your business needs.

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Security and integrity

One of the biggest uncertainties for organizations when it comes to filing documents in SharePoint-based systems is whether the security and integrity of the content is safeguarded. With iQS Business ONE, your files are secure and encrypted.

Document control

Document control is part of iQS by default, but we can also provide a complete document management system iQS iDocS (DMS) to those in need of advanced document management.

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