iQS iDocS (DMS)

Our advanced document management system

iQS iDocS is a specialized solution for document management and project documentation management. The system is an advanced DMS (Document Management System) that operates with our core system iQS Business ONE as the basis. The unique feature of the document functionality in iDocS is the direct link with the operational projects in the company. With this you can achieve the same quality and security as a separate document management system.

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What you get with iQS iDocS (DMS)

A centralized solution for managing and sharing documents across the company and with the company’s external relations (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.).

This SharePoint-based document management system is an advanced way to track and store documents and information. With iQS iDocS, it is easier to keep track of all documents, from project start to finish.

Key functionalities

  • Advanced document control
  • Automation and reduction of manual tasks
  • Interaction through effective search features
  • Increases visibility for managers and HR managers

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