iQS Oil & Gas

Our industry-tailored all-in-one system for service companies in the Oil & Gas service industry

We offer our business system iQS Business ONE as an industry-specific solution for the Oil & Gas industry. This version of iQS Business ONE is based on international experience from the industry.

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What are the key benefits of iQS Business One?

Choosing iQS Business One will provide you with several key benefits. The most prominent one shown below is that all tasks, processes and projects are combined in one system. One will then have a lot of time freed up which usually is spent looking for information in several different locations.

  • Make your business more seamless and efficient – freeing up precious time
  • All knowledge, data, projects and processes are gathered in one place.
  • Fewer support systems allow more time for operational work.
  • Very user friendly for employees
  • Satisfies stringent requirements in relation to documentation and quality control
  • Allows you to digitalize your business

“As a medium sized oil- and gas service-company with high demand of precision in our day to day tasks, we were looking for a solution which supported our needs. With the iQS-system we have been capable of expanding, and we really appreciate the support and detailed knowledge which iQubeS holds in the oil-and gas industry.” 

– Tore Sørheim, Region Manager, Europe – NOV, National Oilwell Varco

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