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iQS HR is a separate module in our system iQS Business One. iQS HR ensures that information on human resources is safeguarded. This is an HR admin module that facilitates GDPR compliance.

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What do you get with our HR module?

The iQS HR module is designed to meet the needs of national and multinational companies that operate both locally and globally. The system provides the opportunity to have collaboration and planning of personnel/resources within a single installation across multiple legal entities.

From “My Page” which all employees are automatically assigned to, self-service access, reporting and real-time panels are opened. Perfect for HR professionals, line managers and IT as it allows “me” to do my own changes.

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Benefits of iQS HR

iQS HR provides easy access, analysis and reporting of details such as job applications, contract details and skills / qualifications. The module comes complete with a unifying employee interface and a manager or administrator page, giving those in charge better control and monitoring tools.

  • Allow managers to maintain complete control
  • Save and have access to all employees’ information
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and archiving
  • Suitable for both internal or external resources
  • Makes it easy for employees to keep track of their own information and details

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What features come with iQS HR?

We offer a standard package that covers and meets the most basic needs as well as a premium package fully loaded with HR enhancements and custom additional features. Contact us for more information about the various functions included in our HR module.