Documentation, nonconformities and work processes in one place

The QHSE module (Quality, Health, Environment and Safety) is part of the core that constitutes our iQS Business ONE system. This module defines the company’s identity, controls the governing and controlled documentation, provides an overview of work processes, KHMS reporting and overview in Dashboard.

What do you get with iQS QHSE?

All recorded events and observations are categorized and structured in the quality system, in addition to being listed on relationship cards in the CRM system and / or on project cards. QHSE also has functionality to identify and evaluate existing processes and systems, as well as functionality to visualize process maps to navigate throughout the business management system.

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Key points

Easy access to procedures, manuals, checklists, forms, process descriptions, manuals, controlled external documents and risk management.

Our QHSE module is tightly integrated with the other modules in iQS, so that data can be recorded in one place. The information can be found and is linked throughout the system. For example, deviations or suggestions for improvement can be established directly against projects, processes, contracts etc.

  • Easily accessible control center for the company’s operating system
  • Structured and controlled document management
  • Tools for following up and monitoring continuous improvement
  • Visualization of processes
  • QHSE reporting tool
  • The system provides the basis for working in accordance with. ISO, Achilles and GDPR
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