System Consultant

We assist you with the implementation of the solution

Implementing a holistic system like iQS Business One in a company requires planning, analysis and understanding of how the system can be configured for the respective company. Our skilled advisors are available to assist. We can support you from the start to completion of the implementation and in the life cycle of the system.

What we assist with:

  • Everything related to the implementation of iQS Business ONE
  • Addressing business needs and requirements
  • Industry-specific requirements
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The process after deciding to implement the iQS Business System

After initial contact, iQubeS can assist in defining whether there is a real business value in implementing the system. This is done in the form of presentations, demonstrations, work meetings and workshops.

Experienced advisors will guide your organization through an analysis process, and further assist you by submitting a report containing results and specific recommendations for the process ahead. In such a process, one will also find out whether it is beneficial for an external project manager to manage the project.

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